UnifAI uses machine learning to reconcile and clean databases for business teams

Information Sharing

ease information sharing

Businesses usually gather data from heterogeneous sources and store it in siloed databases.

Data specialists spend up to 80% of their working time looking for, preparing and joining databases.

Our solution does it for you. Implement it in days and do it 40x faster than with traditional solutions.

Automatized data preparation

automate the boring stuff

Shuffling through databases to find duplicated references or building a complicated rules-based system and updating it constantly is not the best way to occupy your team.

Using our advanced AI based solution, simply go through a handful of curated examples to tune the model to your needs, then focus on productive tasks.

API-based solution

build, do not ponder

Integrating a solution into your infrastructure should not be a painful or long process.

We built an API so you don't have to worry about integration. You can bring UnifAI into any of your application in a matter of days and easily scale, in-house or in the cloud.

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