Get the data-vision you deserve

Our machine learning algorithms are typo-tolerant and format agnostic.
They are capable of unifying flawed databases from various data-format.

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Get a unified vision of your enterprise data

UnifAI instantly connects siloed databases and allows you to match datasets attributes with each other.  We combine human expertise and machine learning to make the bridge faster and righter than any hard-coded and rule-based classical algorithm.


Know your customer, suppliers, stocks... better

Unified datasets are the necessary prerequisite for insightful analytics. We take it a step better by identifying Unique Data Entities within a database. Again, combined human expertise and machine learning allows us to do so faster than traditional algorithms.


Streamline and automate your operations With AI

Scale your expertise with Machine Learning by categorizing your data within Indiana. The learning part of the algorithms will automate it and fuel your BI tools with qualified data that mean something to you and your collaborators.