Smart customer mastering

Gather your customer data and know them better.
AI made golden records for accurate marketing.

Exponential increase

customer data increase exponentially with time

The multiplication of data sources and the expand of social media are fuelling your clients databases with fresh new data. But it makes it harder to reconcile it with traditional techs and actually know how many customers you have and who they are.

We reconcile dozens of millions of lines in no time, so you can focus on improving your customer relationships rather than on data processing matters.

Real time evolving data

Real time evolving data

have a Real time evolving picture of your customers

UnifAI unifies not only existing data but also new data created over time, so you can be sure to have a comprehensive view of customer base and interaction at all time.

Our RESTFUL API-based architecture ensures compatibility with existing BI, CRM and customer support applications.


an agile solution to relieve tECHNICAL bottlenecks

Stop interfering with IT teams by asking reports requiring developments and rules-based development. With UnifAI we make implementation and maintenance easy because we want you to focus on your core business and not on software.