Smart Procurement

Streamline your supply processes thanks to quality data.
Find opportunities, save money, make profit.

Surgical Precision

develop Surgical precision on your supply process

We apply our data unification algorithms to your procurement data to give you a coherent vision on your suppliers and your supplies.

We give you the data you need to make accurate decisions on your pricing, your terms, review and optimize your performance.

Clean data

Solid data for serene users

We don't believe in rule-based systems. Our AI algorithms push samples of mistake correction to your users, learn from their corrections and then smoothly automate the process by itself.

Get rid of errors and build a smart procurement system.



Agile tool

An agile tool for sensible process

We know supply chain imperatives are stringent. UnifAI connects with all your data sources and provides you up-to-date data so you can move as fast as you need to.

Find opportunities, alleviate risks and make profits.