Unified data & GDPR compliance

Foster GDPR compliance with unified data on your European customers and be confident about complying with GDPR key changes.


be sure of what you know about your customers

Because of Right to access, Right to be forgotten, and Data Portability rights, you need to know exactly what you have gathered about any particular customer across your different data sources.

We unify your data so you gain time solving this issue within a time frame rules-based system can't cope with.



compliance, at any time

Because of GDPR, you will need robust and reliable data management processes. UnifAI allows you to unify new data from it's creation so you can instantly compare it with your existing data.

Keep your data clean and simplify your data governance.


AI + API = solid, fast and affordable compliance

Our Machine Learning algorithms are much more precise than rules based systems.

Our API-based architecture is designed to ease the integration work so we can connect to any existing system.

We made it easy because we want you to achieve in weeks what others would do in months.